Male masseur in Spain

75 minutes massages

One hour is too short and 90 minutes slightly too long?

Well this is the perfect session time to enjoy an amazingly relaxing massage that turns into extremely intimate Tantra bodywork.

No pressure and no "too early" ending after 60 minutes. Some extra time to enjoy and to relax after this very intense gay massage.

Take your time for release

Oftentimes my customers tell me that one hour falls too short. You are welcomed to extend the Extremely Erotic Massage whenever you like during the session because you feel so at ease and so great that you want to enjoy some extra time.

You can achieve a second release during these extra 15 minutes of erotic massage.

Though it is best to decide the session time before starting, you are welcomed to extend it "on the go".

75 minutes
Shower Massage
Price: 250 €
75 minutes
Naked Massage
Price: 250 €

Massage description

75 minutes Extremely erotic massage

This massage protocol of 75 minutes session includes all the features of a 90 minutes Extremely Erotic Massage, also the optional shower together. All the grips are compressed into a slightly shorter time. This is the perfect in-between formula for those who think one hour is too short and 90 minutes is too long. This might be your perfect massage session time!.

Price: 250 €

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