Male masseur in Spain

90 minutes massages prices

The original massage protocol for the extremely erotic massage menus is the 90 minutes length of time. One hour and a half is the perfect time that allows me to practice the most balanced range of erotic massage grips.

Male erotic massage

During the session we will build up some very special intimate energy to achieve your maximum enjoyment of sensuality and eroticism. Choose from relaxing to extremely exciting.

90 minutes
Naked Massage
Price: 300 €
90 minutes
Shower Massage
Price: 300 €

Description of the Massages

90 minutes Extremely erotic massage

During this extremely erotic and blissful massage on the tatami or Japanese bed I will work your whole body, from head to toes, using my whole body to awaken your most intimate and wildest energies. I will also work your perianal area, testicles and the outer and inner sides of the anus. You will achieve climax combining prostate, testicle and lingam massage. This is the only massage I perform totally naked. You are allowed to caress me. Discover and enjoy a long fulfilling and abundant climax with ejaculation. Book this 90 minutes massage length if you'd like to enjoy the extremely hot erotic shower: both of us using some soap on our bodies and having fun under the hot water!

Price: 300 €
More about Couple Massage

Erotic shower

Using some soap to caress each other front and back under the hot water is a special moment you can enjoy before or after the massage. It is a hot and extremely spicy moment to share between men.

Ever had the gym fantasy of entering the shower with a man in the locker room? Don't risk to be beaten: your male masseur will allow you to soap him and rub his back and chest. Book the 90 minutes extremely erotic massage to enjoy a longer time of massage and then the pleasure of a hot shower. Hot water and a hotter experience!

Price: 300 €


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