Male masseur in Spain

Massage by erotic intensity

Erotic intensity does Tomer as well. Do you wish a relaxing massage to achieve some peace of mind and disconnection? Or maybe you are craving for a really hot, sexual and intimate body to body naked session?

Individual massages

The individual massage therapies are the most common. I can also offer you specific massage experiences for couples.

Massages for couples

Serving all kind of couples: Gay couples, bisexual couples or open minded straight couples. You can choose the erotic intensity according to your desires and also the session time length.

I don't just massage bodies: I massage unique men.

My goal is offering you a premium massage service. this is a very intimate and personal kind of service. I want it to be the most satisfying for you!

 In case you wait for me at your hotel room all the taxi expenses are included. I will never ask you for a tip —it is not an elegant attitude in Europe though they are logically welcome.


24 hrs. Hotel Service