Male masseur in Barcelona

Benefits of gay massage Barcelona

Find out Paco's male massage benefits.

Benefits of gay massage in Barcelona

My customers say I am a really special male body worker. I use my hands, forearms, feet, legs and also my chest and shoulders to perform the massage —depending on the menu you choose. This means I use almost my whole body to deliver a really hot and intimate bodywork.

Benefit 1: Relaxation

Relaxation is the first benefit you will experience. During the first minutes you will feel more and more relaxed, and you will notice how your mind is disconnecting from the heavy weight of stress and worries.

Benefit 2: Sensuality

Sensuality is the second benefit you will perceive. In our daily lives we lost a big amount of quality time spent for our well-being. We feel skin pleasure  more and more seldom. Some couples share just a short time of sensual body communication. And deep down we miss the tenderness and the sexy touch of our partner's body.

Benefit 3: Sleeping better and deep

Deep sleep. Sometimes we don't seem to be able to sleep. Time shift after a long intercontinental flight, an exhausting business meeting, personal trouble... too much stuff worrying our minds. And no way to get to sleep.

This is also a good moment to order a massage. The benefit of calming down our minds and bodies so we can sleep is relevant.

Benefit 4: pleasure

And many times a pleasing massage is also a way to relax and help us fall asleep.

Benefit 5: Intellectual focus

Many men need a releasing massage to regain focus on mental efficiency. Once you release and forget the tension that has been building up in your system you will be able to concentrate on thinking. You might need it for your business meetings.

Benefit 6: Quality time

Or just for the sake of it! Yes, many tourists visiting Barcelona have heard of my service by word of mouth. And pleasure is something to enjoy.

Barcelona has so many different cultural areas to meet —gastronomy, architecture, clubbing, design, sight-seeing, sea-front walking...— massage enjoyment should complete the circle of that large amount of options.

What is gay male massage about

The massages I developed are about a refined selection of the spiciest aspects from Tantra and Thai traditions. This way we can create a very pleasant, sensual and special session. Hundreds of gay men visiting Barcelona have already tried it. And most of them call back.

The massage will get more and more sensual as I use more and more of my body part. I will be using really blissful grips. You will feel extremely aroused. Your mind and body will seem to disconnect. I do have the special touch that will turn the session into very hot —depending on the massage intensity you choose. You will feel the urging need to release.

Freedom of choice is one of my main slogans. You are welcomed to choose whether releasing or not. You don't even have to tell me. Let go and decide on the go.

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