Male masseur in Spain

Gay massage in Barcelona

Enjoy a gay massage in Barcelona with Paco

Gay massage in Barcelona

Are you looking for the hottest gay massage in Barcelona?

Paco and Tom are available in Barcelona. We are serving both in-call and out-call.

Setting up an appointment is as easy as placing a phone call or sending us a text message.

Want it relaxing? Or extremely hot and full naked? We are offering you 3 different massage styles.

For the hottest bodywork you also have many session lengths. Check the prices!

Gay massage in Barcelona and session times

We can offer you several options as massage session times. From 45 minutes to the full fledged 2 hours amazing therapy!

The differences among all these session times are brutal. You can't compare a 45 minutes relaxing therapy with the most popular and hottest 90 minutes Extremely Erotic bodywork!

One hour massage90 minutes massage45 minutes massage

2 hours massage

Please have in Mind Tom is offering his own limited range of massage therapies. Tom is offering the hottest and the longest massage sessions!

Gay massage in Barcelona: intensity choices

The session length has a strong impact on the resulting erotic intensity. The longer the session the more grips we can use!

These are our suggestions:

Relaxing massageMedium erotic and prostate massageExtremely erotic massage

Gay massage in Barcelona for couples

Gay couples like to explore new experiences. As a couple you choose different options according to your level of complicity. Or plain said, to the level of jealousy you have. You can choose to share one masseur or have one for each. Check our 90 minutes couple massage options.

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