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Male gay massage in Barcelona

Enjoy a male massage with Paco

Gay massage

How to enjoy a gay massage in Barcelona? That's easy! Whether booking in-call or out-call appointments it is as easy and simple as a phone call or sending an SMS text message.

Please follow the one step express booking here. You can also contact me using the e-mail for next day appointments.

Please let me spoil you! You can choose among 3 different massage intensities and several session lengths. This makes a total of 9 massage options. If you fancy something as showering together please let me know.

Gay massage by session time

You can choose your perfect massage treatment according to the time at hand. How does your schedule look like today? Have a gap? Just a quick relaxation or an in-depth erotic session to forget about time?

One hour massage90 minutes massage45 minutes massage

2 hours massage

Gay massage by intensity

The spice intensity does Tomer as well. Do you wish a relaxing massage to achieve some peace of mind and disconnection?

Or maybe you are craving for a really hot, private and intimate body to body session?

Relaxing massageMedium erotic and prostate massageExtremely erotic massage

Gay massage for couples

You can also choose to share the massage with your male partner or with your spouse. I serve gay, bisexual and straight couples. Check my 90 minutes couple massage menus.

Gay massage: the safe bridge to intimacy

Many men feel curious about same gender experiences, meaning intimacy between two males.

But fear or respect are sometimes attached to curiosity. It is very important to feel safe when you take the step to check a new experience.

My customers who dared to take this step always tell me they felt absolutely safe in my presence and under my hands.

Easy steps to gay massage

Express booking. How does the service work after you let me know where you are located? Or after asking me for my studio address?

Let me know what is the perfect time for your appointment and I'll be there.

I'll be ready at the studio or will knock at your room door at your desired time. Really easy and convenient!

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