Male masseur in Spain

Barcelona's sexy hairy masseur: Paco

Paco is your hairy male masseur in Barcelona.

Hairy masseur in Barcelona

I am a hairy male, as you can see on the pictures. I take good care of my hair, grooming it and keeping it tamed and "civilized".

Not everybody likes hairy men. I am fully aware of it. Anyway, I guess the most relevant aspect of my job is precisely this: my job and the performance of an amazingly wonderful male to male bodywork.

Who is Paco?

I was born in Spain and have some German genetics. On top of that, everything I went through in life has left some wonderful and unique print on me. I have been living in Brazil, the land of sensuality, sweetness, frisky, sexy and really hot skin communication.

Hairy masseur for "bear-lovers"

If you happen to be a "bear-lover" then I guess you found your perfect man-specimen, not to mention your perfect masseur. I agree it's important to be served by somebody you like in many aspects, being the visual just the first of all preferences.

Hair feels virile —treasure-trail chest

Of course it's about personal taste. Just think of Hollywood stars as Colin Farrell, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal or the amazing porn models of Honcho and Colt Studios.

Hairy men look masculine, virile, manly. When a hairy man is also masculine in his normal attitude he surely has a treasured hairy chest. Men like this seem to be closer to perfection for a huge amount of men.

Especially in the gay scene, where we suffered under the dictatorship of waxing and circumcising for a bit too long.

Classic virile beauty of hairy and uncircumcised men is back to stay. Even if this is not always the mainstream trend, it's for your enjoyment!

Honest hairy masseur in Barcelona

Sincerity is an aspect that Tomers to me. I'd be absolutely unable to use somebody else's pictures to sell my service while hiding my real identity.

Genuine and true pictures

This man on all the pictures of this website is me. Yes, that's really me. This is the guy you'll meet at my studio and who will be knocking at your room-door in your hotel.

Why do I have to say this?

Real pictures of hairy masseur

Many of my pictures are being used by fake masseurs around the world. This way they save paying for photo sessions and go the short and easy way. Though customers also go the short and easy way, never returning to them as soon as they find out the fraud. There is only one Paco as erotic Tantra masseur. And that's me.

Silky body hair

My body hair feels silky, and once soaked in massage oil it has the effect of a nice soft sponge.

A high percentage of my customers are choosing me among many other masseurs not just for my talents as a masseur but because of my hairy body. They like what they see, it turns them on, and the bodywork experience feels sexier and much more exciting. Visuals are an important aspect to create the right atmosphere and spicy chemistry for a Tantra massage.

Hairy masseur: my option —your preference

Only a small amount of my customers feel ashamed to be hairy. Well, don't! Being hairy is an option to us. While some other hairy men prefer to wax or shave, the genetically smooth men instead have no chance to be hairy.

You like'm smooth?

Sure! Many of my customers have told me they prefer dating a smooth man, with no hair at all. Since I am a masseur, you will not be starting a long term relationship with me —you are hiring me instead for one hour or two.

Ask me about smooth masseurs. Call me and I can suggest you someone matching your preferences!

Tom is a very nice option!

Paco: +34 676 648 226

What you desire when meeting me is enjoying an amazing erotic massage. Me being hairy or not does not make a big difference for the massage itself. These customers who prefer smooth masseurs have told me the massage experience is equally mind-blowing.

Scratchy and itchy shaved masseurs

Waxed and shaved masseurs can be scratchy and itchy, and if your one is not taking good care of his body it will feel rough and may irritate your skin by rubbing against each other. Choosing a waxed masseur is not a guaranty for smooth skin at all. But again, your preference rules!

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