Male masseur in Barcelona

Gay happy ending massage in Barcelona

Enjoy a happy ending massage with Paco or Matt. See the gay masseur pictures.

Happy ending massage

"Happy ending" may sound a bit tacky. In fact my service is a zillion times better than those cheap Chinese beauty-parlor 5-minute gigs. I underwent a real professional training for many erotic massage disciplines and I am an experienced professional masseur. I not only master intimate massage and lingam massage but have a foundation on therapy massage.

Gay happy ending massage with release

Let's use that "happy ending" word just to be straightforward about the service. Erotic Tantra massage can take you to release. This is what many people call today "happy ending", even if it sounds tacky or tricky.

Gay massage with happy ending

My intimate massage will take you to an amazing and blissful climax. In the context of a quality massage that I'm describing on my massage prices page, though, not just as the result of a raw plain hand job.


Massages  24 hrs. Hotel Service

Happy ending massage as an elaborate therapy

My service is an elaborate one. I will work all of your body, from head to toes, to deliver an amazing experience that includes your release —if you wish.

If you don't intend to come please let me know. I will respect your desires, same as I respect your limits and personal boundaries. Some men prefer to keep for themselves their sexual energy, for whatever personal reason.

Happy ending masseur is not an escort

I also expect you to respect my limits. Please remember I am not an escort. We are not playing with the wrong words here.

Happy ending and erotic Tantra massage

Happy ending is a relevant part of erotic Tantra massage. It is present in all of my massage menus. Relaxing massage, medium erotic massage and of course in my extremely erotic massage. In this last menu you can enjoy it twice and also release twice.

One happy ending... two happy endings... and more!

Many men have the ability to come several times in a row. The erotic chemistry of a professional male masseur is able to build up such an intense and sexual session.

Your desire to ejaculate depends a lot on my bodywork and my attitude towards your pleasure. You may come to me in a horny moment, wishing to enjoy some really spicy male to male massage treatment. And my goal is to perform this amazingly hot massage.

I have had many customers who have been able to release as many as five times in one hour.

Quantity does not mean quality, but in this case men who like and need to enjoy several releases in just one session are welcomed to enjoy them as a natural part in my male massage service.


Massages  24 hrs. Hotel Service