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Gay massage techniques

Enjoy the hot massage techniques with Paco

Massage techniques

I am using a really wide range of massage techniques and grips. They are too numerous to detail them all on this page.

The massage grips I'm using in each of the therapies you can choose from depend on the goal.

You might wish to enjoy a Relaxing massage to forget your troubles.

You might wish a really exciting and engaging reciprocal massage, both of us naked.

You might desire prostate stimulation and anal massage.

All these require different grips and different protocols.

Happy ending massage

Many men —not all though— wish to enjoy the final release. There is no problem! You are free to achieve the most blissful moment of opening a Champagne bottle!

Body to body gay massage

Experiencing this intimate skin on skin contact is a really amazing experience. Once you try it you'll find out you are maybe not enjoying this in your regular encounters.

It is very exciting and very stimulating! I allow reciprocal touch in the naked massage menu.


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Lingam massage

Gay men are usually very horny. When we think about having a massage we usually fantasize about many more things. Call it erotic fantasies or erotic imagination!

You are free to enjoy this with me. This is my job!

 Touching each other's penises is also a relevant part of gay fantasies.

In the professional slang we call penis massage "lingam massage".

This is a very hot massage grip, Well, in fact lingam massage is a huge discipline for itself!

Find out why!