Male masseur in Barcelona

Medium erotic and prostate massage

Prostate massage and perianal area massage are involving specific grips a professional masseur should be trained for.

Medium erotic is the second or the middle range massage in my scale from relaxing to extremely intimate.

This does not mean it is less pleasing and intense than the extremely erotic massage. It depends on your preference.

This massage is focused on many more aspects, but is the prostate massage special therapy. If what you desire is the affordable erotic massage, this is your choice. You can also ask me to decrease or increase the time of prostate massage. My goal is your satisfaction.

Prostate massage for men

Many men have been asking me for this specific prostate massage. I did include it in the extremely erotic massage, but this is something different from the intense body to body choreography and intimate game involving the extremely erotic massage.

You can choose two time lengths for this massage. Your freedom of choice is important to me. Only free decisions can grant your satisfaction.

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Relaxing massage
45 minutes
Prostate Massage
Price: 120 €
60 minutes
Prostate Massage
Price: 150 €

60 minutes Medium Erotic and Prostate massage

During this prostate massage on the tatami or Japanese bed I will previously work your whole body, from head to toes, to warm up your sensual energies. I will then concentrate on your perianal area, testicles and the out and inner sides of the anus. It might sound funny but it is an extremely blissful and pleasing erotic therapy. It obviously includes happy ending, combining prostate with lingam massage. You can discover a new kind of testicle climax, anal orgasm and enjoy a long fulfilling and abundant ejaculation. You will loose track of time.

Price: 150 €

45 minutes Medium Erotic and Prostate massage

The shorter "express massage version" is for men in a hurry or with just this time between meetings or before a flight. I will use my hands and forearms. Since the time is shorter we will focus on warming up your body and then working on your perianal area and prostate. This express massage is performed on a massage table instead of a Japanese bed. It obviously includes happy ending. The focus on this massage menu is achieving a calm and soothing relaxation, peace and emptying your mind from stress and trouble.

Price: 120 €