Male masseur in Spain

Naked male massage

Most of my customers prefer to see me and feel me naked during their massage sessions. I have no problem to satisfy them in this particular need.

Naked male massage means the erotic intensity will be the highest possible in erotic bodywork. Since I am offering different erotic intensities, this specific feature is available in the "Extremely erotic massage" menu.

60 minutes Naked Gay massage

This is the most exciting massage menu I can offer you to last 60 minutes. We will be both nude and during my bodywork you will be also allowed to gently touch and caress me. The massage includes full body to body contact, lingam or penis massage, testicle massage and prostate massage. It is an amazing massage you will fondly remember.

Price: 200 €

90 minutes Nude Erotic massage

You are welcomed to extend the naked massage to a 90 minutes session. This time length will allow us to explore more sensual and erotic aspects of Tantra bodywork. We will be both naked and you will be able to enjoy a longer time of touching my whole body —including my private parts. This menu is amazingly satisfying, intense and it offers a huge variety of sensual and erotic positions. Massage can be a pleasing game, try this one!

Price: 300 €

120 minutes Naked Gay massage

The most fulfilling and complete naked massage menu is this one. It is the ultimate game before you can call it Tantra intimacy. We will be able to explore the maximum amount of erotic positions. Also mutual erotic touches: you on me and me on you.

This extremely erotic naked massage session is the most exciting and lasting sensual massage on earth. It is the perfect massage for men with real hunger for a lasting intimate session, both naked and aroused. Exciting but tender, deep, virile and the full extent meaning of male eroticism. The best time and place to enjoy this kind of session is in your hotel starting before midnight when nobody will interrupt you on the phone. You are also welcomed to enjoy it at my studio anytime 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Price: 400 €

45 minutes Naked Express massage

If you are in a hurry but need the most intense and exciting experience then your best choice is the "naked express" version. We will be both naked and enjoying a real man to man intimate bodywork. No Tomer how short the time will feel, you will sense the true fulfillment of a very hot male massage.

Price: 150 €

30 minutes Naked Gay Erotic massage

A rush to climax! Just 30 minutes of really accelerated and intense naked massage.

Price: 120 €

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Naked massage: your choice

Everybody knows what "naked" means. But not everybody has the privilege to set up and meet his preferred masseur 100% naked. This way you will be able to enjoy the full body contact of a sexy and expert virile masseur. Choose this option to enjoy a really special erotic massage.

Unique massage in the world

A couple of years ago I never performed naked. Because it felt against Tantra best practices.

Though more and more customers were asking me to perform the most erotic massage menu totally nude. And almost every business leader says we have to listen to our customers.

So regardless of massage etiquette I decided to add these naked massage menus to my services. It has been a brilliant idea since these are the most requested massage menus. All of my customers are expressing their deepest satisfaction after enjoying such an intimate, masculine and blissful man to man session.

After all eroticism and intimacy are my calling. And with my nudity I have been able to add up some higher voltage. Interaction between the massage receiver and the giver transform the passive massage therapy to an actively arousing and much satisfying experience.

Wanna try it?


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