Male Masseur

Booking your massage

Booking is very easy!

If you need a massage now
please call or send us an SMS:

+34 676 648 226

Please mention your location, for example:


"Hi, I'm in Barcelona and want a massage ideally with Leo. Is he available at 8 PM? Can I visit your studio? Thanks! Mike"

If not answering immediately we might be in a session. Then please send us an SMS.

Credit Cards

You can pay using your credit card.

Please ask us first so we bring the terminal.

Paco's Gay Massage studio

My studio is in Barcelona city center.

Gay Massage studio

I share my studio with Tom, Tyson, Izan, Leo, Amir and Angelo.

You will only meet the masseur you choose!


You can also send me an e-mail for a future appointment.

Please note that e-mails are not suited for last minute appointments.


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