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Credit Cards

Use your credit card

You are free to choose which way you'd like to pay.

You can use your credit card as well!

We are accepting major credit cards as Visa and MasterCard.

Unfortunately American Express is not available.


You will be charged by a service called "Therapy Treatment".

You can also pay in your own currency using your credit card.

Bank Commissions

Reality is tough. We tried several banks and all of them are charging severe commissions on international payments.

So we unfortunately need to increment the cost of the massage service by 10% if you use your credit card.

This means a 200 € massage needs us to charge 220 € if you use your card.

We strongly encourage you to plan ahead your appointment with us. So you can take the right decision and you also have enough time to withdraw the needed cash amount.


Some guys are paying 50% cash and 50% on their credit cards. This way the total commission "feels like" 5% on the total massage cost.

Does it make sense?

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To us all these virtues are meaningless without honesty. We treasure honesty!

Massage prices

+34 676 648 226

If not answering immediately we might be in a session. In this case please record a message or send us an SMS. We will answer as soon as we are free again!

Massage studio

My gay massage studio is in the REAL city center, on the intersection of two well known main streets in Barcelona.

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