Male Masseur

Differences between masseurs

It might sound obvious but each masseur has different assets, different talents —and different limits.

If you have some very specific preferences or fetishes please contact us to suggest the perfect masseur.

Yong masseurs versus experienced

We are proud to offer you the broadest range of expertises.

From Amir who is 24years old to Jack, who just turned 50.

Angelo, Leo, Izan, Matt and Tyson are between 24 and 35.

Paco is in his early 40s.

The badge of experience

Common sense applies also to this industry. If you wish to be served by a very experienced masseur don't choose the youngest. As you know, the most experienced military professionals wear a larger amount of badges.

On the other hand, expect the youngest masseurs to be less experienced.

Your choice is always the legitimate decision.

Check Izan, Matt and Tyson

All personal options are legitimate.

Each man has his own preferences. These are some statements we got as feedback to our gay massage service:

Younger men

"What really turns me on is youth. The freshness of a young man is something unique. No matter if he feels amateurish. I just love the fact he's fragile and still doubting about what to do next. That's the magic of youth!

Izan, Angelo, Matt, Leo

Mature men

"I do prefer mature men. Experience is a big plus to me. After all I'm paying for the best service available. Besides, I like real men!"


Paco | Jack | Tyson

Call us

Be safe and call us to discuss your preferences. We will surely find the best option to match all your preferences!

Pictures of gay masseurs in Barcelona