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Gay massage Manhattan

I am frequently visiting New York. Depending on season and reservations.

Gay massage in Manhattan

I am offering the same spicy yet very special erotic massage as I am performing in Barcelona: it is a unique blend of Tantra massage and extremely erotic bodywork.

Men in New York value it in a very special way. Because gay men in Manhattan are not used to this blissful experience and are first curious and then addicted to this amazing massage style.

Yes, mine is a very special massage style!

Setting up your gay massage in Manhattan

It is relevant to set up a date matching my flights and my stays in New York. Please call me to discuss the perfect timing for you. We will sure find a match in our agendas!

Call me: +34 676 648 226



Please don't block your caller number.
Please don't use skype either.

When not answering it's because I'm currently in a session. Then please record a message. Much safer: send me an SMS message. I will answer the very minute I finish my session.

Especially if you don't want me to call back please say so. I am extremely discrete.

Dollar vs. Euro rates

Exchange rates may vary. My reference are my usual prices in Euros, obviously. No problem to discuss the exchange rate though!

Fetish massage in Manhattan

There is a lot to write and a lot to experience when it comes to personal fetish. Please read my posts about this subject:

Fetish Massage

In-call gay massage in Manhattan

I am usually hosted at a hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Discrete and elegant, and very conveniently located for most New Yorkers: 44th street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

My room is equipped with everything needed to perform a hot and pleasing erotic massage.

Out-call gay massage in Manhattan

Do you prefer me visiting you? That's perfect!

I travel inside Manhattan charging the cab —always providing you with the bill.

I'll bring everything needed for the massage, including a one-use sheet to protect the massage surface, be it your bed or your massage table.

See you in Manhattan!

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Massage Prices

The fairest balance of highest quality and best price is with us.!


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Massage Description

What is our erotic gay massage about?

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