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These are some reviews I got from my customers after a male massage.

Special warmth

Paco's hands have something special. I first requested a therapy massage with no happy ending. But I felt more and more aroused, and finally also ashamed to turn over with an erection.

I decided to come back the next day to discover Paco's full-fledged and amazing naked erotic bodywork.

Spending wisely


Mine is some hard earned cash! So I watch carefully where I’m spending it. Any of the masseurs I tried of this team happens to be excellent! This is the best quality/value option I ever tried in Barcelona.

I prefer the best

I prefer enjoying one excellent massage than two or three mediocre ones. To me it is not just releasing: it's the whole thing that has to be satisfying. From personal connection to massage skills and the way it all flows. It's hard to imagine a better massage than yours. Both Tom and Paco are extraordinary!

New masseur Leo

Leo is just what I needed: he's so fun and frisky! His laughter is contagious, so we had an extremely hot and fun experience!

Amazing Tom

I first had second thoughts since he is not showing his face on the pictures. The guy on the phone told me he's gorgeous. Honestly, he exceeded all my expectations on each and every aspect. Absolutely amazing! The info was damn right.

New masseur Angelo

You told me Angelo just started in your team recently. But I was amazed on how expert he already feels! And most relevant, he is exactly my dream boy: tall, cinnamon smooth skin... and extremely well endowed!


I don't know how to describe your job. It is no sex, it is no regular erotic massage. In one word: it's some kind of magic.

One more thing... Paco

Your erotic massage involves one more thing which sex is usually lacking. Sex should have passion, communication, emotion and sensitivity. Your job adds INTELLIGENCE to all these. My compliments for your amazing job!


I write to tell you that I tremendously enjoyed meeting Paco and the massage which you rendered oh so professionally and stimulating. Gracias! Continue to do what you do best and take care!

You know what you're doing

From the moment he entered my room I could feel it. And it showed during the entire session: Paco knows what he's doing.

Grounded and passionate

You are a grounded yet passionate guy. Balanced in your attitude and passionate in your job. Amazing Paco!


This massage overrides all my thoughts and expectations. I really didn't know what it was all about, but your massage has gone way beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Extremely talented Paco

You set the standards for massage so high that from now on you'll be my reference. The masseurs I will try from now on will have a hard task to match your skills.

Spectacular website

So I thought your massage would not match your website. But hell it does!

Tyson, was it a dream?

After you finished the massage I fell asleep. I woke up only in the next morning, thinking you had been a dream. But you were not: I could still smell the scent of your body and the massage oil on my skin.

Sexy is not enough

Let’s face it; there are sexier and more handsome guys than you —well, they are probably escorts. What makes you pop out among all the other guys is your talent, your impeccable service, your professional attitude.


This kind of massage has always the risk of ending up in a tacky or tasteless trick. Paco's style is elegant, sexy, professional, responsible and thus unique.


On time, to the point, no surprise, everything as described and as promised. You are the guy on the pictures and you come up to everything you promise. My compliments!

Like a bronze sculpture

As you undressed and I saw your naked body you made me think of the bronze statues of those Greek soldiers in Riace, southern Italy.

Unexpected Barcelona

Someone told me "Barcelona is going to surprise you in many ways". You are one of them.

Too expensive?

I was looking for an affordable massage. I thought you are too expensive though I obviously preferred you judging by your pictures and your service descriptions. But I chose to visit that cheaper guy.

I felt so deceived and frustrated by that guy's tacky service that I decided to give you a try, even at the risk of wasting more money. I thought to myself "it couldn't be worse.

The issue is not how better you are. You just did what I was looking for. I give in: your bodywork is a different level in a different universe. Now I understand there is a reason for your price.

Not a good masseur

Good masseurs are usually arrogant. And you have a bunch of reasons to be, but I guess you are in the category of "excellent masseurs": those who are humble and balanced.

Colt Studios model

I am a big fan of “Colt Studios” male models and videos. You are the kind of man I worship. Hairy, daddy-style, strong, terribly sexy, attractive and on top of that you are talented as a masseur —which I didn't expect. Yes I did hire you for your looks. Yours has been the best in many many years.

A man's man

There are far too many waxed sissies for my taste. I confess I was reluctant to hire you because of your prices. But I absolutely love your smell, your touch, you masculinity. This is enjoying a man.

See you next year

I usually come to Barcelona once a year for business. I can't wait for next year to fly back in!.

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