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Angelo male masseur

Angelo recently joined our team in Barcelona.

He is a very tall and sexy young man. Angelo was born on the Caribbean coast.

His skin, as you can see, is light cinnamon. Smooth, lean, very warm and welcoming.


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"I'm addicted to Caribbean young guys. Tyson and Angelo are just too sexy to hold back!"

Angelo endowed male masseur

Angelo is extremely well endowed! Even wearing some regular pants, everybody on the street turns his head wondering:


"Is this all true?"

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Angelo male masseur under training

Angelo is currently taking our professional erotic massage training. Though he also started serving the best customers. Who, by the way, are super happy with him!

Because his customers are gentlemen who don't care too much about a masseur's expertise. His youth and freshness are just too sexy for other men to enjoy!


"Just watching him naked I got so excited I almost came!"

Angelo's limits

Angelo is in a relationship. His limits are much more strict than other masseur's.

This is why he is still not offering some massage extras.

So it is relevant you discuss with us the specific features you need to have.

Angelo's prices

Since Angelo is the new guy in our team he is having a huge amount of requests. He is currently serving these massage menus:

45 minutes: 150 €
60 minutes: 200 €
75 minutes: 250 €
90 minutes: 300 €


Naked massage is our most popular therapy. It corresponds to our extremely erotic massage.

It is the full body to body sexiest massage treatment. Angelo is fully naked so you can share feel the most intimate man on man skin contact. You are also allowed to touch him gently.

Angelo male masseur Barcelona

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