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Sitges Gay massage

Tom and Paco are frequently visiting Sitges. We are having more and more requests from this gay city so close to Barcelona.

Gay travel destinations: Sitges

Sitges is known for its cheerful and gay atmosphere. It has become one of the world's most famous gay travel destinations.

In this open minded Sitges you'll find all sorts of gay business. You'll feel instantly at home, in a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.

From restaurants to bars and clubs. Though also decoration stores and fashion boutiques. You can also expect original and creative new business formulas.

Gay massage in Sitges

Tom, Tyson and Paco are aware of the high demand of gay services in Sitges. Especially  during the Spring and Summer.

We are having constant requests for erotic gay massage in Sitges. This is why we are so frequently here.

Erotic gay massage in Sitges

Since Sitges is living almost only during the Summer, don't expect there to be gay massage studios. They'd only work during the high season.

Our gay massage studio is in Barcelona city center.

So if outcall in your hotel or apartment is not an option, we will warmly welcome you in Barcelona!

Hotel massage Sitges

 The most frequently requested service is gay massage in the hotels though.

Because most of the gay men visiting Sitges are hosted in nice hotels or in private apartments.

 We can be visiting you right in your hotel room. For no extra price!

Just choose your massage menu and the appointment time and the masseur you choose will be at your door.

Male masseur Sitges

Barcelona is filled with all kinds of male masseurs. Sitges though is more popular for gay escorts.

If you really fancy a true erotic massage you should be aware that escorts are not proficient in massage bodywork.

Because massage quality needs some specific training. And also the will and the talent to perform it. So from gay escorts you can only expect really quick and easy gigs.

Tantric massage for gay men

Tantric massage is this very specific massage style. Therapy masseurs have no clue about it. Though tantric masseurs instead do also have the training of therapy massages.

If you wish to discover the true tantric massage for gay men you should give us a call.

Call Paco: +34 676 648 226



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Please don't use skype either.


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